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Season's Greetings from Scholes & Brown

18th Dec 2017
Despite all the gloom and doom portrayed daily on the television news, the inescapable fact is that the world in 2017 is a better place than it was in 2016 and the same positive trajectory will likely apply to 2018 as well. If we take into account the very long term improvements over the past two centuries, the number of people out of every 100 living in extreme poverty has fallen from 94 to only 10, those with basic education has risen from 17 to 87 and literacy rates have increased from 12 to 85 out of 100.

It is unfortunately a fact of life that bad news sells more papers than good news, so it is easy to miss what could turn out to be significant long term trends such as the modernisation of Saudi Arabia or the potential for change in Zimbabwe and South Africa, or the medical advances that will keep us all living longer and healthier, or the positive applications for technology and artificial intelligence. We continue to be optimistic about the future, but remain watchful and prudent when managing your hard earned money.

This year we have decided not to send cards, rather we have made a donation to a local charity, The People’s Kitchen. This helps to look after those among us who aren’t as lucky as we have been. Also, the way robots are increasingly able to do the work of lawyers, accountants and wealth managers it seemed like a good idea to reserve a place for later.

Please note that the office will be closed on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th December and will reopen on Tuesday 2nd January. 

With best wishes to you all for a very merry festive season and a wonderful New Year.

The Scholes & Brown Team

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