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Investec drop in to Scholes & Brown

25th May 2017
Alastair Mundy, leading fund manager with Investec Asset Management, called in to meet up with the investment team at Scholes & Brown during a recent visit to the city.

Investec Cautious Managed Fund is one that features on Scholes & Brown’s ‘white list’. The firm has used this fund for more than ten years now and has always been impressed by its consistently good results across a wide range of economic and market conditions. Alastair was keen to catch up to give his views on the current state of world markets and the prospects for 2017. He told the team at Scholes & Brown that he is quite defensively positioned at the moment, being wary of the unprecedented levels of debt around the world. Alastair is one of those (rare) fund managers who tells the truth!

Philip Brown said: “Investec Cautious Managed is one of our favourite funds and it’s important for us to maintain regular contact with the manager. This helps us to achieve our objective of delivering consistently positive returns for clients.

Alastair commented: “We always enjoy meeting up with investors in our funds and Scholes & Brown are the type of client we really enjoy having. They make great efforts to understand our investment process and current thinking and this provides them with confidence to invest with us over a full economic cycle for the benefit of their clients”

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